Proving the ROI of CX

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How Greyhound used customer feedback to get buy-in and increase NPS

Many CX professionals struggle securing the stakeholder alignment required to turn their insights into action.

Learn how Matt Schoolfield overcame these challenges, re-focused his frontline and executive teams on the customer, and secured buy-in on initiatives that increased NPS by 20 points.

We cover the short and long-term strategies Matt used to turn his vision for customer focus into reality - and results.

Special attention is given to the "stakeholder journey" and how to win support for CX with executives.

We also focus on both the importance and limitations of AI and technology in connecting CX to ROI.


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Curious how leading companies leverage AI to analyze text from NPS verbatims and other feedback sources?

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“The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin.”

Maurice FitzGerald - Head of CX at Hewlett Packard