Join our webinar to get an insight from industry experts on how AI can be applied to customer experience.

You'll learn:

- What AI, Machine and Deep Learning is and how Natural Language Processing fits into this
- What the difference is between Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, and examples of applications
- How to get actionable insights from data
- Some real world use cases of companies who've used AI to improve customer experience


- Maurice FitzGerald, author and former VP of Customer Experience at Hewlett-Packard, will be hosting
- Nick Stroud, Director of Brand Loyalty at Manpower Group, leading the global CX strategy and NPS implementation, will demonstrate use cases 
- Alyona Medelyan, CEO of Thematic, will share her expertise in the field of AI and Machine Learning

When: 30th January, 11am PST,  (31 January, 8am, NZT)
Where: Webinar via GoToWebinar
Time: Only 30 minutes

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